Three World Heritage sites to visit in Nigeria

  Osun-Osogbo Grove Osun-Osogbo Grove was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2005 because it is an important part of Nigeria’s cultural and religious history. The site is considered sacred by local worshipers of Osun the goddess of fertility. There are fascinating monuments and artworks honoring the goddess peppered along the river bank. A.. read more →

All About Ibadan

Ibadan translates to ‘the city at the edge of the savannah’ and it is truly a majestic place with a populous of over 3.5 million, it has the third highest population after Lagos and Kano and is the largest city in Nigeria. History The city of Ibadan was founded in 1829 during a time of.. read more →

Exploring Lekki’s Hotspots

Visit Lekki, the residential area is located in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital city. Lekki Peninsula welcomes you with a range of things to do. Let’s take a look at the Lekki Peninsula’s hotspots and the attractions that make it a popular destination for travelers. Lekki: Tourist Attractions Lekki-Ikoyo Bridge Lekki Peninsula adjoins Victoria Island and the.. read more →

We Take care of the Basics

Traveling can be a hefty expense. There comes a time when you will require suitable accommodation at a bed and breakfast or lodge, but that is not without its own set of problems. Reserving a room, finding a hotel that fits your budget and finally checking in should be easy and without fuss. Travel House.. read more →

A place where you never miss the best Hotels.

It is not common to find a place where you get all the services available in one place. But at Ibadan, we have the best hotels that offers the best accommodation in the best hotels .The hotel rooms have the best features than you could ever imagine, it well service with  air conditioner installed in.. read more →

The best Hotel services in Ibadan-Nigeria

There is where you will find the best accommodation in the best hotel rooms in this country. The hotels here are well furnished and have all that a modern tourist or any guest could ever request. All the services here are perfect through the presence of the comfort budget hotels. All that you need in.. read more →

Get the Best in Lekki City

Are you aware that Lekki is the best place in Nigeria where you can get the best comfort and budget hotels? If you didn’t know this then this is the time that you must know. This is the biggest tourist destination and guests have been considered through the presence of the best hotel rooms. These.. read more →

The Amazing Travel House Hotels

This is not the first time that that we are offering the best services for our customers. At Lekki town we have the best rooms that will suit the needs of our guests and these includes the best rooms in comfort budget hotels that we use to give the best accommodation in Nigeria and if.. read more →

Modern Hotels-Nigeria

Have you ever thought of where to get the best hotel services in Africa? If yes, then we have an answer here for you. The best hotels that are very economical and affordable are found in Nigeria, The western coast of Africa. Hotels in Nigeria are the best in terms of services offered and the.. read more →

21 May 2013
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Extra Ordinary Hotels found in Nigeria

With an African modern culture in Nigeria, there has been an establishment of the most modern hotels with the best facilities and services offered. You are entitled to get more comfort here than any other place ever. This is the comfort budget rooms in our hotels and they come with the best accommodation in Nigeria… read more →

21 May 2013
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