Best services at a cheaper Nigerian Hotel

Best services at a cheaper Nigerian Hotel

It is yet another season that we come up with the best hotels with cheap prices for a length of stay for our customers. This is a move that gives our guests the best hotel services in our chain of hotels. As you will find out, you will get to know the truth of this idea. The rooms that are kept aside for you are fitted with air conditioners, and a TV set that allows you to watch more than three channels through satellite signals and to ensure completeness of your room, we have for you a free wireless WIFI internet network that connects you to the world.

It is not enough that way, again, our en-suit rooms have a double bed the is large enough and within the same room is a well furnish writing desk and desk chair in case you need to do some reading to make your day real. Besides your bed is a telephone connection to the reception and in your own time at any time you can call and stage your complain or a request. The shower units are also modern and available just within the hotel room.

Other complementary services include morning tea and coffee and coming with it is safe drinking water that will make your morning great. As for the security, we have a 24/7 mobile police together with ample power generation to light up the nights and supply you with any required energy. An express check in/out is also there to keep away intruders. The water treatment plant is also situated near the hotel to ensure clean drinking water. There are nearby food and beverage joints that you can have an option on them. Those visitors who come in large numbers for mission or meetings can hire a conference room for twenty people at an extra cost.

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