Best services at a cheaper Nigerian Hotel

It is yet another season that we come up with the best hotels with cheap prices for a length of stay for our customers. This is a move that gives our guests the best hotel services in our chain of hotels. As you will find out, you will get to know the truth of this.. read more →

Experience the best and cheap Hotels in Nigeria.

There are so many guest hotels in this country called Nigeria but not all of them are the best and cheap. And for that matter, be assured that we have the quality and the cheapest services here just for you. The hotel rooms are very nice looking with shower and toilet units that are modern.. read more →

21 May 2013
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The best Travel hotels

You have been too many hotels but you are not guaranteed to wonderful services but as for our hotels we have the best for you because you are our number one priority. Our chain of hotels includes the Nigerian hotels that have the best rooms that are also self contained and they give our customers.. read more →

Destination Travel House and Hotels for you

This is yet another season where we have a lot that we can offer to you. We have the best accommodation in Nigeria in our chain of hotels. This the very best services that you can get; there are the best rooms that gives you the very best comfort that you have always wanted. To.. read more →

21 May 2013
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Enjoy the Best Hotels ever

There are places where you can find genuine travel house services. This is in Ibadan, one of the most beautiful cities that offer hotel services; accommodation in self contained rooms that are spacious and hold comfort double beds that will make the night sweet and relaxing. Within the rooms we have the best shower and.. read more →

The Best Travel Hotels in Ibadan City

Are you aware a place where you can find a place to stay in one of the cities of Nigeria? There is readily available accommodation in Nigeria specifically in Ibadan. There are Hotels that we have ready just for all our guests from all over the world. The hotels contain rooms that come with comfort.. read more →

Best Hotel in Lekki Nigeria

It is the time that you should stop wondering where to find a travel house hotel because at Lekki, we have it all ready for you. This is the best accommodation in Nigeria where you can travel the whole day and find a hotel room the rest for the evening and the night after. We.. read more →

Travel House in some Nigerian Cities

To find accommodation in Nigeria is so easy since there are hotels that are spread all over the country, in both the small and the big cities found there. The hotels are furnished with good looking rooms that create the required comfort to the customers. It is also common to find comfort budget hotels that.. read more →

The Best Nigerian Hotels

If you have a clue of how Niger is, then you have no business asking for more because it is one of the countries where the best hotels are situated for all kinds of guests from all over the world. The hotel rooms have been organized into comfort budget hotels and also hotels for the.. read more →

21 May 2013
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Guest Destination in Africa

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23 Aug 2011
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