Extra Ordinary Hotels found in Nigeria

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Extra Ordinary Hotels found in Nigeria

With an African modern culture in Nigeria, there has been an establishment of the most modern hotels with the best facilities and services offered. You are entitled to get more comfort here than any other place ever. This is the comfort rooms in our hotels and they come with the best accommodation in Nigeria. We offer you rooms which are air conditioned and are complete with a double bed, a writing desk and a desk chair for you just in case you will be in need of a platform to do your diplomatic and office work.

The rooms are also connected to a WIFI free internet and a Television set that connect to a minimum of three channels and this will ensure that you get the maximum entertainment and a lively stay. Your room i.e. if you are our quest has the most beautiful shower and toilet units and a full supply of water all day long for twenty four hours in seven days and so you don’t have to fear for water shortages. This is the best offers in the Nigeria hotel room. For the case of those people who like ordering while in the room, a restaurant menu is there for the order to be made.

It does not stop at that point but there are more; we have a 24 hour security police and power generators together with the express systems of check in and check out. This is just to make sure that our customers are safe all the time. During morning hours, avail tea and coffee plus drinking water that have been treated from within by our water treatment plant. Other facilities that you may need are laundry services, food and beverages and all this are her but as for the conference room, and you will hire it at a cost.

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