All About Ibadan

Ibadan translates to ‘the city at the edge of the savannah’ and it is truly a majestic place with a populous of over 3.5 million, it has the third highest population after Lagos and Kano and is the largest city in Nigeria. History The city of Ibadan was founded in 1829 during a time of.. read more →

The best Hotel services in Ibadan-Nigeria

There is where you will find the best accommodation in the best hotel rooms in this country. The hotels here are well furnished and have all that a modern tourist or any guest could ever request. All the services here are perfect through the presence of the comfort budget hotels. All that you need in.. read more →

Best services at a cheaper Nigerian Hotel

It is yet another season that we come up with the best hotels with cheap prices for a length of stay for our customers. This is a move that gives our guests the best hotel services in our chain of hotels. As you will find out, you will get to know the truth of this.. read more →

The Best Travel Hotels in Ibadan City

Are you aware a place where you can find a place to stay in one of the cities of Nigeria? There is readily available accommodation in Nigeria specifically in Ibadan. There are Hotels that we have ready just for all our guests from all over the world. The hotels contain rooms that come with comfort.. read more →