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We Take care of the Basics

Traveling can be a hefty expense. There comes a time when you will require suitable accommodation at a bed and breakfast or lodge, but that is not without its own set of problems. Reserving a room, finding a hotel that fits your budget and finally checking in should be easy and without fuss. Travel House Budget Hotels serve as a home away from home, offering a quality service by providing basic accommodation at an affordable price. Find comfort in our budget hotels in Ibadan and Lekki. Our professional and friendly staff will ensure that you feel at home.

Taking Care of the Basics

Travel House Budget Hotels in Ibadan and Lekki offer accommodation and conference facilities for business. At both Travel House Ibadan and Travel House Lekki you can settle into a fully air-conditioned en suite room with free WiFi, a double bed, a TV (minimum three satellite channels), a writing desk and chair, a telephone connection to reception and a bathroom, with shower and toilet unit. Travel House Ibadan has its own restaurant and bar, a restaurant menu can be found in your room.

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea in the morning or a glass of cold water. At Travel House we believe in safety first. Our hotels have 24 hour security on patrol, as well as an overnight mobile police force. Both Travel House Ibadan and Travel House Lekki are conveniently located near additional food and beverage establishments, laundry services and taxis services.

Business or Leisure?

While Travel House Budget Hotels offers affordable accommodation for leisure, we have a 20-seater conference room available to meet your business needs, whether you require a room for a seminar, as a training facility or for meetings, it is available at an additional cost.

Book today to make use of our quick and easy check in service.

Travel House Lekki:
Tel: 081 75 69 1333 or 070 44 99 7083

Travel House Ibadan:

Tel: 081 75 69 1344 or 070 44 99 7087

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Extra Ordinary Hotels found in Nigeria

With an African modern culture in Nigeria, there has been an establishment of the most modern hotels with the best facilities and services offered. You are entitled to get more comfort here than any other place ever. This is the comfort budget rooms in our hotels and they come with the best accommodation in Nigeria. We offer you rooms which are air conditioned and are complete with a double bed, a writing desk and a desk chair for you just in case you will be in need of a platform to do your diplomatic and office work.

The rooms are also connected to a WIFI free internet and a Television set that connect to a minimum of three channels and this will ensure that you get the maximum entertainment and a lively stay. Your room i.e. if you are our quest has the most beautiful shower and toilet units and a full supply of water all day long for twenty four hours in seven days and so you don’t have to fear for water shortages. This is the best offers in the Nigeria hotel room. For the case of those people who like ordering while in the room, a restaurant menu is there for the order to be made.

It does not stop at that point but there are more; we have a 24 hour security police and power generators together with the express systems of check in and check out. This is just to make sure that our customers are safe all the time. During morning hours, avail tea and coffee plus drinking water that have been treated from within by our water treatment plant. Other facilities that you may need are laundry services, food and beverages and all this are her but as for the conference room, and you will hire it at a cost.

Experience the best and cheap Hotels in Nigeria.

There are so many guest hotels in this country called Nigeria but not all of them are the best and cheap. And for that matter, be assured that we have the quality and the cheapest services here just for you. The hotel rooms are very nice looking with shower and toilet units that are modern and good looking and besides being cheap, they have air conditioners and TV sets that makes you comfortable all day long and all the nights. We believe that these are budget friendly and economical for those guests who are cautious about the prices due to their level of income. Apart from that, the beds are double and besides it, are a writing desk and a desk chair that holds a telephone. The telephone is connected to the receptionist desk and with help of a restaurant menu you can order for anything through the receptionist.

To add on the above services, there are more services available. We offer a 24 hour security through an overnight mobile police and a constant power generation. Breakfast is also available with complementary tea or coffee and cold drinking water that is well treated from a water treatment plant within the hotel. To ensure that we track the entry and exit of our guests or customers, we have come up with an express check in and checkout system that helps us keep at bay dangers that might come to our visitors.

Our hotel might be cheap, yes, but the services that we offer are exceptional. Imagine that you can come in groups and hold meetings that may last for days using our conference rooms with a capacity that holds 20 people. Taxi services, food and beverage and laundry shops are also found in within the hotel.

Destination Travel House and Hotels for you

This is yet another season where we have a lot that we can offer to you. We have the best accommodation in Nigeria in our chain of hotels. This the very best services that you can get; there are the best rooms that gives you the very best comfort that you have always wanted. To ensure that you save your money, we have a variety of hotels like the comfort hotels that are cheaper than the ordinary five star hotels. This is our own way of bringing you the affordable services and many more.

Apart from all this, our travel houses have the best rooms that are self contained with an efficient air conditioning system. Inside the room also is a modern TV set that connect to may channels specifically more than three channels form the satellite and there is also free WIFI internet within the room that allows you to connect to the internet at any time that you fill like. Our rooms are holds double, comfortable bed fit for even couples and besides, there is a writing desk and a desk chair and this are specially put here for those people who might wish to work or study from the room. There is also a telephone connection that enables you to request for anything that you might need for example food using the restaurant menu in your room. Our rooms have toilet and shower units with ample supply of water.

There other additional services that includes, morning tea or coffee and cold drinking water, express check outs and check in plus strict security with 24 hour power back up and mobile police. Other services available food and beverage joint, laundry, taxi services and conference rooms for an extra cost. Water treatment plant is also within our hotel.

The Best Nigerian Hotels

If you have a clue of how Niger is, then you have no business asking for more because it is one of the countries where the best hotels are situated for all kinds of guests from all over the world. The hotel rooms have been organized into comfort budget hotels and also hotels for the VIP. When we talk about comfort, then this is the only place where you will find maximum comfort with only few to spend. The hotels in Nigeria offer more services to its customers than you can ever imagine. The rooms are self contained meaning that there is a toilet and shower unit in the same room and you can take a cold or warm bath any time you want. For maximum entertainment, the hotel room has a TV set that connects to more than three channels and a free internet WIFI that enable one to connect to the internet.

In all the hotel rooms, there are writing desk and a desk chair where the quest can get to carry out the official duties that involve paper work and writing. The telephone is also available for you to connect to the receptions desk and request for anything using the restaurant menu. Added to this services are complementary morning tea and coffee and the security is well catered for where we have a mobile police and a constant power supply and generation which are provides by the hotel for 24 hour for the seven days of the week. We have devised check in and check out so as to be assured of the whereabouts of our guests within the stay in our hotel. Water treatment has been another prioritized factor to ensure clean water.

Other additional facilities include food and beverage joints, laundry and Taxi services. This all services will make you, our guest very comfortable and willing to come back some day.

Luxurious Travel House and Hotels fit for Kings.

Do you believe that there are the best places where you can travel and settle in for the night or even hire it for a long period of time? There are so many travel house hotels in Nigeria where you can rest after a long travel if you are a tourist. This house offers the best accommodation in Nigeria and they are the best hotels where there are spacious rooms with a perfect air conditioning that makes the occupant of the room very comfortable. The comfort ability is also experienced with the comfort budget hotels that are meant for the middle income population.

In addition to all the above mentioned, The travel house hotels are fitted with Television sets that have a minimum of three satellite channels, free internet WIFI  and the telephone connection to the receptions desk. For maximum comfort, the rooms contain double beds, a desk chair that allows you to work from your room. There are also shower units with both cold and warm water and a toilet unit that is supplied with water throughout. Besides your table we give you a restaurant menu that helps you decide what to order before ringing the reception desk.

In addition to all this services, we have put in place morning tea and coffee and coming with it is cold drinking water and you can make yourself tea or coffee that will make you fill rejuvenated during the morning. In order to keep you save we have 24 hour security that is done by the presence of overnight and day security police. There are power backups from our automatic generators that generate maximum capacity power that enables your room power source constant throughout. Besides that, we ensure that the water you drink is safe due to the presence of a water treatment plant within the hotel.