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We Take care of the Basics

Traveling can be a hefty expense. There comes a time when you will require suitable accommodation at a bed and breakfast or lodge, but that is not without its own set of problems. Reserving a room, finding a hotel that fits your budget and finally checking in should be easy and without fuss. Travel House Budget Hotels serve as a home away from home, offering a quality service by providing basic accommodation at an affordable price. Find comfort in our budget hotels in Ibadan and Lekki. Our professional and friendly staff will ensure that you feel at home.

Taking Care of the Basics

Travel House Budget Hotels in Ibadan and Lekki offer accommodation and conference facilities for business. At both Travel House Ibadan and Travel House Lekki you can settle into a fully air-conditioned en suite room with free WiFi, a double bed, a TV (minimum three satellite channels), a writing desk and chair, a telephone connection to reception and a bathroom, with shower and toilet unit. Travel House Ibadan has its own restaurant and bar, a restaurant menu can be found in your room.

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea in the morning or a glass of cold water. At Travel House we believe in safety first. Our hotels have 24 hour security on patrol, as well as an overnight mobile police force. Both Travel House Ibadan and Travel House Lekki are conveniently located near additional food and beverage establishments, laundry services and taxis services.

Business or Leisure?

While Travel House Budget Hotels offers affordable accommodation for leisure, we have a 20-seater conference room available to meet your business needs, whether you require a room for a seminar, as a training facility or for meetings, it is available at an additional cost.

Book today to make use of our quick and easy check in service.

Travel House Lekki:
Tel: 081 75 69 1333 or 070 44 99 7083

Travel House Ibadan:

Tel: 081 75 69 1344 or 070 44 99 7087

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A place where you never miss the best Hotels.

It is not common to find a place where you get all the services available in one place. But at Ibadan, we have the best hotels that offers the best accommodation in the best hotels .The hotel rooms have the best features than you could ever imagine, it well service with  air conditioner installed in them to make sure that the atmosphere of the room is perfect. There is a TV set that connects to minimum channels of three and to complement that is the free wireless internet. The room is also fitted with a double bed, a writing desk and a desk chair which is meant for those guests who would want to read or write.

Besides, the presence of a telephone connected to the reception desk will help you in those reading  and writing tasks while still in your room and this is not all because right inside your room is a toilet and a shower unit that is very modern and will give you the maximum comfort that you require while in your room. With the help of a restaurant menu, you can order anything that you need to be availed to your room.

For enough security, we have put in place a 24 hour security police and an overnight vigilance, and also 24 hour power generation is in order. Each morning, we have tea and coffee plus cold drinking water. And for other safety purposes, we have an express check in and check out. Treatment of water is also available in place for safe drinking water. Other additional facilities include laundry services to clean your cloths and optional food and beverage shops within the vicinity. If you have some scheduled meetings, then conference rooms for twenty at a cost.

The best Travel hotels

You have been too many hotels but you are not guaranteed to wonderful services but as for our hotels we have the best for you because you are our number one priority. Our chain of hotels includes the Nigerian hotels that have the best rooms that are also self contained and they give our customers the maximum comfort. During your stay at our hotels you will be living in a room that is contained with double bed that is large enough to hold couple and also there is a telephone the is directed to the receptionist and with the restaurant menu, you can call and order for anything or any service that you fill like having it. For your reading and writing, the room has a desk and a desk chair that will allow you to sit and read or even write. This is the facilities that we have ready for your stay in or hotel.

Other complementary services are morning tea or coffee that will make you fill great and ready for the day ahead. Warm and cold drinking water are also available for our guests. On the other hand security to our hotels is upheld and twenty four hour security and this includes a full time overnight mobile police and the power generation capacity. This ensures that the hotel and its compound are secure enough for our guests. There is also a water treatment plant within the hotel that is build to freshen water and ensure that water is for use.

We also have food and beverages that are available near the hotels and there are also laundry services and taxi services that can take you to wherever you want. And for those people who would wish to hold meetings, conference rooms for twenty people are available.

Enjoy the Best Hotels ever

There are places where you can find genuine travel house services. This is in Ibadan, one of the most beautiful cities that offer hotel services; accommodation in self contained rooms that are spacious and hold comfort double beds that will make the night sweet and relaxing. Within the rooms we have the best shower and toilet units that are supplied with both warm and cold water and for that matter, our quests are guaranteed of much comfort and a nice stay. In addition to that the hotel rooms are air conditioned with fans and room warming machine.

Within the room near the bed are the writing desk and a chair plus a telephone for you to request for anything from the receptions desk while in your bedroom and with the presence of a restaurant menu it is easy to request for a specific meal to be delivered to your room. This is the maximum comfort that you need. Customers or quests are the first prioritized factor here, and this is the only strategy that keeps the customers loyal and willing to come back for more.

It is in fact not enough to stop at that, the travel hotels in Ibadan offer more. There daily tea or coffee and cold drinking water to complement your stay and if you wonder about security, the there is twenty four hour power generation and a tight watch of a mobile police.

Other additional facilities includes a conference room of capacity enough to hold meeting for twenty attendants but if more room is needed the arrangements can be done for more spacious conference rooms at an extra cost. There are laundry and taxi services and food and beverage points where you can have some food and drinks all available inside and near the hotel.