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Get the Best in Lekki City

Are you aware that Lekki is the best place in Nigeria where you can get the best comfort and budget hotels? If you didn’t know this then this is the time that you must know. This is the biggest tourist destination and guests have been considered through the presence of the best hotel rooms. These hotels offer the best accommodation services than any other hotels or travel hotels. The rooms have the best appearance with spacious double bed that is even enough for two people like couple and at a far corner, is a TV set that can be tuned to more than the three basic channels through the satellite. In case of those visitors or customers who would want to browse, then we have a free WIFI internet that is fast in connection.

The hotel room is also conditioned with the presence of air conditioners and beside this is a desk chair and a writing table for your paper and reading work and in addition there is a shower unit and a toilet unit within the room and you don’t need to go far from your room for showers or anything else and with the help of a restaurant menu, you are free to order for any service.

We have put in place 24 hour power generation and a mobile police and an express check in and check out. There is also a complementary tea and coffee for your mornings according to your preference and for safe drinking water we have established a water treatment plant near the hotel to supply clean treated water.  Conference rooms are also available for twenty people sitting but for an extra cost. Laundry services together with food and beverage joints are also not far from the hotel and you can opt for that.

The Amazing Travel House Hotels

This is not the first time that that we are offering the best services for our customers. At Lekki town we have the best rooms that will suit the needs of our guests and these includes the best rooms in comfort budget hotels that we use to give the best accommodation in Nigeria and if this is the case then here is what we are offering: We have the best rooms which are air conditioned to keep the air inside the room suitable for the inhabitant and in addition we also have installed a free WIFI internet that enables the owner of the room to connect to the internet plus a TV set that tunes upto more than three channels. We also have in it a double bed that is very spacious, a writing desk and a desk chair for your office work.

Moreover, there is a telephone connection that can be used to reach the receptionist, a shower unit and a toilet is well supplied with water both cold and hot respectively for you to shower and get the maximum comfort in the room. There is a restaurant menu also that helps you to order whatever you need.

Other complementary services includes tea, and coffee for the morning, cold drinking water and security that is kept for 24hours through the presence of a mobile police and ample power generation plus the availability of express check in and check out. Within the hotels is a water treatment plant for safe water. Other additional services found around the vicinity of the hotel includes conference rooms for twenty people at and extra cost in case of meetings by our guests and for more food and drinks, there is a place near the hotel where you can find that and also taxi and laundry services.

Best Hotel in Lekki Nigeria

It is the time that you should stop wondering where to find a travel house hotel because at Lekki, we have it all ready for you. This is the best accommodation in Nigeria where you can travel the whole day and find a hotel room the rest for the evening and the night after. We also have the comfort budget hotels. These are the most affordable hotels that are there for any interested guest. Note that each of our rooms are self contained and have toilet and bath rooms that are supplied with both warm and cold water and all that you have to do is to take your time and get a wonderful time.

There are more that our hotels offer; the rooms are well conditioned i.e. air conditioned with television set that connects to different channels and in addition, we have free WIFI internet that allows you to browse all the time. The room itself is spacious with double bed and within the room; we have for you a writing desk and a desk chair in case you would want to do some office work. There, you will also find a restaurant menu that you can use to order food.

There other additional services that include complementary morning tea or coffee and drinking water. For security purposes, we have put in place the express check in and checkout plus 24 hour security with an overnight mobile police and also full time power generation capacity. We also ensure water safety through water treatment plant within the hotel.

There are also other facilities like the conference room meant for 20 people and a nearby food and beverage shops. On top of all this you can get some laundry and taxi services just within the hotel.

Travel House in some Nigerian Cities

To find accommodation in Nigeria is so easy since there are hotels that are spread all over the country, in both the small and the big cities found there. The hotels are furnished with good looking rooms that create the required comfort to the customers. It is also common to find comfort budget hotels that are cheaper and affordable to those people with little money. So there is a lot that the hotel offer. Apart from that, the hotels offer spacious rooms with double bed and they are also air conditioned so that the guest can adjust the environment of the room to suit him/her. We at Lekki travel house offer rooms that are fit with TV set with more channels and apart from that with avail to you a writing desk and a desk chair within the room with a telephone connected to the receptionist.

For the purpose of our guest browsing, we have installed a free WIFI internet connection that is very efficient and helpful. Our hotel rooms are also self contained that they have the shower units and the toilet units within or adjacent to the same room. As for what to eat for dinner lunch or breakfast there is a restaurant menu that you can order some food into your private room from the restaurant within the hotel.

Diplomatic travels are also housed in our hotels where we allow groups to book in and have meeting within the hotel due to the presence of 20-people capacity conference room for holding meetings. In addition to all those, there are other basic services that we offer within; the laundry works that cater for your garment washing and the food place where you can have all types of for on order and also beverages in plenty.