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Modern Hotels-Nigeria

Have you ever thought of where to get the best hotel services in Africa? If yes, then we have an answer here for you. The best hotels that are very economical and affordable are found in Nigeria, The western coast of Africa. Hotels in Nigeria are the best in terms of services offered and the general conditions are very good. The hotel rooms are self sufficient with air conditioners that make the atmosphere within the room very friendly. There is a double king size bed and in front of it is a TV set with multi cannels and you can switch from one channel to another and to make things complete for you, we have put in place a free WIFI internet that allows you to browse as fast as possible and connect to the internet.

In addition to all this is a shower and toilet unit within the room and you can shower at any given time due to ample water supply. Apart from that the room has writing desk and a chair where you can rest and do some paper work during your stay and there is also a telephone with a line directly connected to the reception desk in case you need any clarification or order. If you fill like eating then you just consult the restaurant menu and ask for food.

To complement all the rest, we offer tea and coffee in the morning hours and for the general security we have a mobile police that is stationed all the time plus a 24 hour power generation that ensures constant supply of energy for you and for the systems in your room. Water treatment plant is also available and if you need services from laundry or beverages and food and even conference room for twenty people, then they are available at a cost.

Guest Destination in Africa

Nigeria is one of those countries that lies in the equator and are considered to be one of the most beautiful countries with a range of scenic beauty and therefore it is the largest tourist destination in Africa. To cater for the needs of our guests, our hotels are the best in terms of accommodation in Nigeria. The hotel includes budget hotel rooms that cater for those middle class visitors and ensure that the guests receive equal consideration and treatment.

Each of the rooms is fitted with an air conditioner that regulates the amount weather elements entering the rooms. Apart from all those, the rooms have Television sets with variety of channels that you can choose from and there is also a free internet WIFI that has been installed for the quests to connect with the outside world with the fastest browsing speed. Within each room there is furniture; the writing desk and the desk chair where our quest can work papers on them. The toilet units and the bath or shower rooms are also within the room. If in case a customer or a quest needs food, then he/she uses the menu that is kept in each room.

There are morning tea, coffee and cold drinking water that are availed to each of the rooms for the quest and for the security of our customer quests, we or rather the hotel has in place the security mobile police and 24 hour power supply and in addition to that, there are express check in and check out to ensure that our customers feels safe in our chain of hotels. For safe water, the hotel has constructed a water treatment plant.

There are some other additional services like the laundry, food restaurants and beverage points and also some conference room where a group of visitors can hold meetings.

Find Cheaper Hotels in Nigeria

It is time to stop wondering where to find cheap hotels because there are readily available for you here in Nigeria. In most of our cheap hotels we offer accommodation for both long and short term visitors. The main aim of establishing these cheap hotels is to make our customers comfortable through the presence of comfort budget hotels. When we talk about the cheap hotels, all the services are offered like other expensive hotels but with a relatively lower prices compared to those expensive hotels. Our hotels have a lot to offer during your stay.

The rooms are self contained with toilets and bath rooms that are supplied with warm and hot water throughout. The shower units are modern and with bath tubs. Within the room you will get telephone services through a telephone connection to receptions desk and also besides your bed, there is a writing desk and a chair where you can sit and do your office and paper work without the need to sit on your bed all the time.

In addition to those that have been mentioned, each room contains a restaurant menu that helps you choose a meal and order for it. We also offer morning tea and coffee and if you like, there is also cold water to drink. Though our rates are cheap, we avail a good security through check in and checkout express card, 24hours security and 24 hour power generation and back up. With all this in place we are able to ensure that our customers who are our guests get the best services at cheap rates. Worth mentioning, within the hotel, there is a water treatment plant that supplies your rooms with clean water. In case of groups visiting, we have a twenty-seater conference room that meetings can be done for an additional cost. For more information, contact the hotel.