Destination Travel House and Hotels for you

This is yet another season where we have a lot that we can offer to you. We have the best accommodation in Nigeria in our chain of hotels. This the very best services that you can get; there are the best rooms that gives you the very best comfort that you have always wanted. To ensure that you save your money, we have a variety of hotels like the comfort hotels that are cheaper than the ordinary five star hotels. This is our own way of bringing you the affordable services and many more.

Apart from all this, our travel houses have the best rooms that are self contained with an efficient air conditioning system. Inside the room also is a modern TV set that connect to may channels specifically more than three channels form the satellite and there is also free WIFI internet within the room that allows you to connect to the internet at any time that you fill like. Our rooms are holds double, comfortable bed fit for even couples and besides, there is a writing desk and a desk chair and this are specially put here for those people who might wish to work or study from the room. There is also a telephone connection that enables you to request for anything that you might need for example food using the restaurant menu in your room. Our rooms have toilet and shower units with ample supply of water.

There other additional services that includes, morning tea or coffee and cold drinking water, express check outs and check in plus strict security with 24 hour power back up and mobile police. Other services available food and beverage joint, laundry, taxi services and conference rooms for an extra cost. Water treatment plant is also within our hotel.

Enjoy the Best Hotels ever

There are places where you can find genuine travel house services. This is in Ibadan, one of the most beautiful cities that offer hotel services; accommodation in self contained rooms that are spacious and hold comfort double beds that will make the night sweet and relaxing. Within the rooms we have the best shower and toilet units that are supplied with both warm and cold water and for that matter, our quests are guaranteed of much comfort and a nice stay. In addition to that the hotel rooms are air conditioned with fans and room warming machine.

Within the room near the bed are the writing desk and a chair plus a telephone for you to request for anything from the receptions desk while in your bedroom and with the presence of a restaurant menu it is easy to request for a specific meal to be delivered to your room. This is the maximum comfort that you need. Customers or quests are the first prioritized factor here, and this is the only strategy that keeps the customers loyal and willing to come back for more.

It is in fact not enough to stop at that, the travel hotels in Ibadan offer more. There daily tea or coffee and cold drinking water to complement your stay and if you wonder about security, the there is twenty four hour power generation and a tight watch of a mobile police.

Other additional facilities includes a conference room of capacity enough to hold meeting for twenty attendants but if more room is needed the arrangements can be done for more spacious conference rooms at an extra cost. There are laundry and taxi services and food and beverage points where you can have some food and drinks all available inside and near the hotel.

The Best Travel Hotels in Ibadan City

Are you aware a place where you can find a place to stay in one of the cities of Nigeria? There is readily available accommodation in Nigeria specifically in Ibadan. There are Hotels that we have ready just for all our guests from all over the world. The hotels contain rooms that come with comfort that you need. There are also some category comfort budget hotels that are friendly to your pockets and also save your money. Our hotels offers so many things that will make you comfortable, for instance, there are air conditioned rooms with TV set with a minimum of three satellite channels and on top of that there is free internet WIFI that allows our customers to connect to the internet with greatest speed and effect.

The hotel rooms have also in it a double king sized bed, a writing desk and the desk chair that you might find them necessary for your office work or for reading and writing. If a customer needs anything then there is a telephone connected to the reception desk and he/she can request for a service while in your room. To make it more comfortable for customers, the hotel rooms have shower units and toilets units with ample supply of both warm and cold water. If in need of food to be brought into your room then you just have to consult the restaurant menu provided in your room.

Other available services includes morning tea or coffee plus cold water for drinking, 24 hour security that involves overnight mobile police and power generation throughout the day and night. For safe water, there is a water treatment plant within the hotel and also there are other miscellaneous services like taxi, laundry and food and beverage shops.

Best Hotel in Lekki Nigeria

It is the time that you should stop wondering where to find a travel house hotel because at Lekki, we have it all ready for you. This is the best accommodation in Nigeria where you can travel the whole day and find a hotel room the rest for the evening and the night after. We also have the comfort budget hotels. These are the most affordable hotels that are there for any interested guest. Note that each of our rooms are self contained and have toilet and bath rooms that are supplied with both warm and cold water and all that you have to do is to take your time and get a wonderful time.

There are more that our hotels offer; the rooms are well conditioned i.e. air conditioned with television set that connects to different channels and in addition, we have free WIFI internet that allows you to browse all the time. The room itself is spacious with double bed and within the room; we have for you a writing desk and a desk chair in case you would want to do some office work. There, you will also find a restaurant menu that you can use to order food.

There other additional services that include complementary morning tea or coffee and drinking water. For security purposes, we have put in place the express check in and checkout plus 24 hour security with an overnight mobile police and also full time power generation capacity. We also ensure water safety through water treatment plant within the hotel.

There are also other facilities like the conference room meant for 20 people and a nearby food and beverage shops. On top of all this you can get some laundry and taxi services just within the hotel.

Travel House in some Nigerian Cities

To find accommodation in Nigeria is so easy since there are hotels that are spread all over the country, in both the small and the big cities found there. The hotels are furnished with good looking rooms that create the required comfort to the customers. It is also common to find comfort budget hotels that are cheaper and affordable to those people with little money. So there is a lot that the hotel offer. Apart from that, the hotels offer spacious rooms with double bed and they are also air conditioned so that the guest can adjust the environment of the room to suit him/her. We at Lekki travel house offer rooms that are fit with TV set with more channels and apart from that with avail to you a writing desk and a desk chair within the room with a telephone connected to the receptionist.

For the purpose of our guest browsing, we have installed a free WIFI internet connection that is very efficient and helpful. Our hotel rooms are also self contained that they have the shower units and the toilet units within or adjacent to the same room. As for what to eat for dinner lunch or breakfast there is a restaurant menu that you can order some food into your private room from the restaurant within the hotel.

Diplomatic travels are also housed in our hotels where we allow groups to book in and have meeting within the hotel due to the presence of 20-people capacity conference room for holding meetings. In addition to all those, there are other basic services that we offer within; the laundry works that cater for your garment washing and the food place where you can have all types of for on order and also beverages in plenty.

The Best Nigerian Hotels

If you have a clue of how Niger is, then you have no business asking for more because it is one of the countries where the best hotels are situated for all kinds of guests from all over the world. The hotel rooms have been organized into comfort budget hotels and also hotels for the VIP. When we talk about comfort, then this is the only place where you will find maximum comfort with only few to spend. The hotels in Nigeria offer more services to its customers than you can ever imagine. The rooms are self contained meaning that there is a toilet and shower unit in the same room and you can take a cold or warm bath any time you want. For maximum entertainment, the hotel room has a TV set that connects to more than three channels and a free internet WIFI that enable one to connect to the internet.

In all the hotel rooms, there are writing desk and a desk chair where the quest can get to carry out the official duties that involve paper work and writing. The telephone is also available for you to connect to the receptions desk and request for anything using the restaurant menu. Added to this services are complementary morning tea and coffee and the security is well catered for where we have a mobile police and a constant power supply and generation which are provides by the hotel for 24 hour for the seven days of the week. We have devised check in and check out so as to be assured of the whereabouts of our guests within the stay in our hotel. Water treatment has been another prioritized factor to ensure clean water.

Other additional facilities include food and beverage joints, laundry and Taxi services. This all services will make you, our guest very comfortable and willing to come back some day.

Guest Destination in Africa

Nigeria is one of those countries that lies in the equator and are considered to be one of the most beautiful countries with a range of scenic beauty and therefore it is the largest tourist destination in Africa. To cater for the needs of our guests, our hotels are the best in terms of accommodation in Nigeria. The hotel includes budget hotel rooms that cater for those middle class visitors and ensure that the guests receive equal consideration and treatment.

Each of the rooms is fitted with an air conditioner that regulates the amount weather elements entering the rooms. Apart from all those, the rooms have Television sets with variety of channels that you can choose from and there is also a free internet WIFI that has been installed for the quests to connect with the outside world with the fastest browsing speed. Within each room there is furniture; the writing desk and the desk chair where our quest can work papers on them. The toilet units and the bath or shower rooms are also within the room. If in case a customer or a quest needs food, then he/she uses the menu that is kept in each room.

There are morning tea, coffee and cold drinking water that are availed to each of the rooms for the quest and for the security of our customer quests, we or rather the hotel has in place the security mobile police and 24 hour power supply and in addition to that, there are express check in and check out to ensure that our customers feels safe in our chain of hotels. For safe water, the hotel has constructed a water treatment plant.

There are some other additional services like the laundry, food restaurants and beverage points and also some conference room where a group of visitors can hold meetings.

Save money and get maximum comfort

There is absolutely a good way that you can save your money and spend days and countable night in good but cheap hotels in Nigeria. The hotels are furnished with accommodation facilities like good hotel rooms that are spacious and with double beds. This comfort budget hotels offer the best services than you can imagine. The rooms are air-conditioned and it also allows you to regulate the amount of climate within your room and makes you fell total comfort that you might have never had it for all your life.

The hotel rooms are also fitted with TV set with more channels and you can watch by switching from one channel to another and in addition our guest can browse using free WIFI internet and get more lively and updated. Every room has a writing desk and a desk chair and on top of it there is a telephone that connects to the receptionist desk in the case of emergency or when a guest wants to order for anything. The rooms are also self contained and have shower rooms and the prestigious shower units. Basically, everything is available within your room and within the hotel. Some people do not believe in cheap hotels but as for this case it is even wonderful that some of the expensive hotels.

When you ask about security, and then be assured of much safety since our hotels have 24 hours security and power generation and also we have designed a check in check out express that enhances more security to our guests. Apart from all this, there additional services within the hotel where you can get laundry and taxi services and also places where you can buy yourself some food stuffs for dinner or lunch plus the beverages of all kinds. This is the best place to be.

Find Cheaper Hotels in Nigeria

It is time to stop wondering where to find cheap hotels because there are readily available for you here in Nigeria. In most of our cheap hotels we offer accommodation for both long and short term visitors. The main aim of establishing these cheap hotels is to make our customers comfortable through the presence of comfort budget hotels. When we talk about the cheap hotels, all the services are offered like other expensive hotels but with a relatively lower prices compared to those expensive hotels. Our hotels have a lot to offer during your stay.

The rooms are self contained with toilets and bath rooms that are supplied with warm and hot water throughout. The shower units are modern and with bath tubs. Within the room you will get telephone services through a telephone connection to receptions desk and also besides your bed, there is a writing desk and a chair where you can sit and do your office and paper work without the need to sit on your bed all the time.

In addition to those that have been mentioned, each room contains a restaurant menu that helps you choose a meal and order for it. We also offer morning tea and coffee and if you like, there is also cold water to drink. Though our rates are cheap, we avail a good security through check in and checkout express card, 24hours security and 24 hour power generation and back up. With all this in place we are able to ensure that our customers who are our guests get the best services at cheap rates. Worth mentioning, within the hotel, there is a water treatment plant that supplies your rooms with clean water. In case of groups visiting, we have a twenty-seater conference room that meetings can be done for an additional cost. For more information, contact the hotel.

Comfort Zone Travel Hotels

There are so many travel house hotels that you can get in Africa specifically Nigeria. In Nigeria, we offer the services with a much affordable price. There are accommodation facilities in these travel house hotels which are affordable to almost every person who visits the hotel. To make it affordable, we offer comfort budget hotels with spacious rooms that can be occupied by double beds. Each of the rooms are fully air conditioned and this is tailored toward making our visitors comfortable  and I addition, the spacious rooms are fitted with Television sets with more than three satellite channels that you can switch from, more over you can access the internet due to the fact that our hotel rooms are served with free internet WIFI.

Our Travel hotel rooms are also provided with a writing desk and desk chair that allows you to work from within your room. To make sure that you can connect to the reception desk and order for anything, there is a telephone connection and a restaurant menu. The rooms are also self-contained with a toilet and shower units constantly supplied by water, therefore it allows you to take warm showers without the need for you to get out of your room.

Apart from all that, there is a complementary tea and coffee plus cold drinking water. To facilitate you need to go out of the hotel, there is express check in and check outs. Our security is also tight; we have 24 hours overnight mobile police and a power generation machine that backs up in case of power blackouts. Water treatments are also available for safe waters. In addition, there are sections of our hotels that cater for food and beverage, laundry services and taxi services. It is convenient and safer to stay in our hotels.