17 Mar 2017

Three World Heritage sites to visit in Nigeria

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Osun-Osogbo Grove

Osun-Osogbo Grove was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2005 because it is an important part of Nigeria’s cultural and religious history. The site is considered sacred by local worshipers of Osun the goddess of fertility. There are fascinating monuments and artworks honoring the goddess peppered along the river bank. A yearly festival in her honor attracts people by the thousands. It’s a truly spectacular experience, a must-see for tourists visiting the area. 


 Alok Ikom Monoliths

The Alok Ikom Monoliths has over 300 carved stones that stand upright. Although they are smaller in size than the stones at Stonehenge, this site does not disappoint. The writing’s on the stones are yet to be decoded, but are said to be the musings of a prehistoric civilization. All who visit are encapsulated by sense of mystery and curious wonder. 


Sukur Cultural Landscape

Sukur Cultural Landscape was the first Nigerian landmark to be declared a world heritage site. The site boasts a palace and stone decorated terraced fields that were used for rituals. The land is thriving with rare fauna and flora. The sights and surroundings are truly magnificent and will take your breath away!


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