05 Jul 2016

Ibadan translates to ‘the city at the edge of the savannah’ and it is truly a majestic place with a populous of over 3.5 million, it has the third highest population after Lagos and Kano and is the largest city in Nigeria.


The city of Ibadan was founded in 1829 during a time of great conflict and cities like Ibadan and Abeokuta appeared to replace older cities like old Oyo. It was originally intended to be a war camp as its location offered a strong strategic defence but its position at the edge of the forest made it a popular marketing centre for traders. After the turmoil of the militant city died down, the city was renamed Eba’dan and became a prosperous commercial location.

Tourist Attractions

There are copious bars, clubs and lounges for those who want to explore the city at night. These include GQ Lounge, Ebevande, Echo Blues, Topside Lounge, Infinities, Apollos and the oldest nightclub in Ibadan, KOKO Dome in the prestigious building the Cocoa House. Shopping amenities are abundant in Ibadan with the Heritage Mall and Cocoa Mall housing various local and international stores and the new Ibadan City Mall boasting one of the largest retail stores in Nigeria.

Sports and Recreation

Ibadan is home to many sports facilities such as the Ibadan recreational club – one of the oldest clubs in Nigeria – offering tennis courts, snooker, basketball courts, squash courts, a darts corner and a bar. Ibadan also has a variety of football academies where new talent is scouted and trained. A wide array of fitness centres are available to the public, including the Oyo state executive gym, the Ibadan gym and the Mocdim health and fitness centre, to name a few. Ibadan is also home to the popular Shooting Stars football club whose team led Nigeria to victory in the 1976 African Cup Winners’ Cup.

Gardens and Parks

For more peaceful or fun family activities, the city offers a wide selection of parks and gardens such as the Fun Factory, the Ibadan recreational park, the Trans Amusement park and the Agodi Gardens of Oyo State boasting a Botanical Garden, a zoo, swimming pool, bar and restaurants. There are also more elite destinations such as the Ibadan Polo Club at Eleyele and the Ibadan Golf Club.

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