Experience the best and cheap Hotels in Nigeria.

Experience the best and cheap Hotels in Nigeria.

There are so many guest hotels in this country called Nigeria but not all of them are the best and cheap. And for that matter, be assured that we have the quality and the cheapest services here just for you. The hotel rooms are very nice looking with shower and toilet units that are modern and good looking and besides being cheap, they have air conditioners and TV sets that makes you comfortable all day long and all the nights. We believe that these are budget friendly and economical for those guests who are cautious about the prices due to their level of income. Apart from that, the beds are double and besides it, are a writing desk and a desk chair that holds a telephone. The telephone is connected to the receptionist desk and with help of a restaurant menu you can order for anything through the receptionist.

To add on the above services, there are more services available. We offer a 24 hour security through an overnight mobile police and a constant power generation. Breakfast is also available with complementary tea or coffee and cold drinking water that is well treated from a water treatment plant within the hotel. To ensure that we track the entry and exit of our guests or customers, we have come up with an express check in and checkout system that helps us keep at bay dangers that might come to our visitors.

Our hotel might be cheap, yes, but the services that we offer are exceptional. Imagine that you can come in groups and hold meetings that may last for days using our conference rooms with a capacity that holds 20 people. Taxi services, food and beverage and laundry shops are also found in within the hotel.

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